15e Delftse Tegeltjestoernooi

The International Delft Tegeltjestournament is an open tournament for national and international participants. It consists of an individual tournament on sabre and epee.

In addition there is a recreational team tournament on sabre in the afternoon. The team tournament starts after the individual tournament and sabre participants are therefore encouraged to participate in both tournaments.

Results 2024

Below you can find a summarized version of the results of the tournament that took place on April 14th 2024. A complete overview of the results can be found on Nahouw.

Epée Female

Ranking Name
1 Cheryl de Jong
2 Carmen Berends
3 Roos Kroese
3 Ynet van de Veen

Epée Male

Ranking Name
1 Levy van Winden
2 Tom Puchelle
3 Jesse Pieper
3 Thom Schanzleh

Sabre Female

Ranking Name
1 Enli Chiang
2 Karen Fischer
3 Mandy Claessens
3 Maria Li Xiaoman

Sabre Male

Ranking Name
1 Enno Chiang
2 Alessio Witzke
3 Brecht Vanquaethoven
3 Tytus Schleifer

Results Equipe Sabre

Ranking Equipe Names
1 Nederland U20 Henri Plantinga, Mika Plantinga, Enno Chiang
2 Wet met 10 minutes ago Edwin Tay, Tytus Schleifer, Alessio Witzke
3 Parcimouche Antoinette Hofman, Henriette Hofman, Brecht Vanquaethoven


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